2003 Mercury Mountaineer Q&A

2003 Mercury Mountaineer Question: front differential

how much does a front differntial cost for my truck? -
Answer 1
It is about a 3.5 hour labor operation. Most repair shops will install a re manufactured front differential assemble you can get idea for the price range for these by doing a search on the internet but quality of rebuilds and differences in guarantee on the parts/labor if the differential fails afterward. Keep in mind a shops profit on parts is factored into their hourly labor rate and they must make a profit on the parts. -
Answer 2
We paid $1855.00 for a 2003 trailblazer -
Answer 3
1999 chevy 1500 silverado 5.7 engine 4x4 -
Answer 4
$17-2200 with waranty -
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