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1997 Dodge Neon Question: front crankshaft seal

The front crank seal blew in my neon today, and i'm wondering how many hours book time is on the repair. And will I be able to pull off the crank pulley in the car, or do I have to remove the engine? Thanks for any advice you can give me. -
Answer 1
You might as well service your timing belt because to replace the crank seal you have to remove and replace the timing belt and any other components that need replacing ( camshaft seal , tensioner etc. ) -
Answer 2
Here's a link that shows the oil pump but the crank seal is the same procedure up until you remove the pump. http://bit.ly/iZx2F You can remove the pulley with the engine in the car but you'll need a puller. Like hemi says, there are a few other things you might as well do 'while you're there'. Time is about ~4.5 hours, I would budget at least an afternoon in your driveway or start in the morning and be ready to spend a day on it. I would definitely have a manual on hand for this repair and all the tools (puller, torque wrench, pulley installer, seal installer, etc). hope this helps -
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If you're a tech, this should be no problem. If you do the timing belt as well, there is a cam crank sensor relearn procedure you need a scan tool for. This page has instructions to access it with your scan tool http://www.turbomopar.net/dodge-neon-manuals/dodge%20neon%20engine/dodge%20neon%20engine_0046_Dir/dodge%20neon%20engine_0046_Page1.htm -
Answer 3
book time should be 2 hr . do you have time to do it yourself , did you pull codes for this item. -
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yes i have time. I'm a fully certified mechanic. Have never done much work on neons though. never got a code, I can see the oil pissing out of the seal when it's running. -
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