BMW 325i Problem Report

BMW 325i Clunk or Jolt Felt in Steering Due to Worn Bushings in Front Suspension

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Failure of the front control arm bracket bushingsoften referred to as thrust rod bushingsis moderately common. One symptom is a clunk or jolt felt in the steering when braking.

Replaced with polyurethane bushings myself. About 2 hours and $99.00. The ride is <10% harder but better driving. -
Need to replace front control arm bracket bushings after feeling shuddering in steering when braking at high speed. -
Made an audible clicking noise when the window was down while driving at 10-15 mph. Discovered by a tire change technician. Bushings were visibly cracked and deteriorated. -
Felt a "thump" from time to time when braking. Occurred intermittently. Told by BMW service that tension strut bushing was problem. Cost $452.00 to repair as this is not covered by BMW's CPO warranty. -
lower control arm bushing bad on both sides of front -
started off with a small clunk at times, not all the time. The guys that did the brakes noticed it. -
When I am slowing down just around the same time that the transmission shifts from 2nd gear to 1st gear and vice versa the car will jerk. -
Slight knock that comes from the front-end each time the brakes are applied or released. Additionally, the steering wheel gives a quick slight jolt or twitch. Repair is pending. -
Took 2004 BMW CI in for new tires to be installed ( bought tires on line ) and alignment, told by tech that no use in alignment the car needs new lower control arm bushings on both sides $626.00. Did some research and found part for much less on web sites. They wanted $201.99 just for the bushings and $273 for labor at a Tires Plus. -
control arm had to be replaced. symptom that led to brining the car in for diagnosis was a thumping sound as the wheel rotated -
got the front control arms changed - big difference!! -
Had to replace control arm bushings on the front, they were completely worn out. Get someone to slowly drive the car forward as you watch the front wheel. Have them stop the car abruptly.. If the bushings are worn out, you will see the wheel continue forward after the car has stopped. You will also get a lot of thumping, and bumping sounds coming from the front if driving on rough roads. The old bushings are pressed in, and have to be removed, but it can be done at home. -
Have had this part replaced twice, at 20000 and 40000 miles. BAD design with the soft rubber insert. Was not found by the BMW dealer! Had to be found by alignment mechanic!!! Took him 5 minutes to find the issue. Car is driven around town and very little on the expressway. -
front control arm bushings worn, had to replace both front bushings and perform alignment -
The car would stutter a little bi when accelerating from a dead stop and the suspension was so bad it would squeak on braking, so I thought I needed new pads. Instead, it was the control arm bushings etc. $900 repair. -
This issue cost me about $500 to fix the front drivers side. I had my brakes done one day and the following morning on the freeway I was driving about 70mph and my steering became impossible I was all over the road. Worst thing I have ever felt in over 20 yrs driving. -
Bushings failed and needed changed -
jolt will putting on brakes also pulls some while braking also. -
Shaking in the steering while braking. The car has brand new pads and rotors. -
same exact problem listed... I took my vehicle in for servicing and mentioned the noise coming from the front tires and the dealer diagnosed it as control arm bushings replacement required. -
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