BMW 330i Problem Report

BMW 330i Clunk or Jolt Felt in Steering Due to Worn Bushings in Front Suspension

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Failure of the front control arm bracket bushingsoften referred to as thrust rod bushingsis moderately common. One symptom is a clunk or jolt felt in the steering when braking.

loose feel on steering. replaced and problem solved. -
It sounds like someone smashes a big hammer on to the car. It is a very loud noise. You can feel it in the steering wheel too. But it is cheap and anyone can do it. Takes less than 30mins if you have the right tools. I replaced mine twice within 1.5 years. -
at 35K mine i had to replace bushings too -
Replaced by dealer at 35,000 under warranty because they were "blown out". Replaced again by dealer at 42.000 because they were "totally worn out" Not sure what the deal is but I cringe when I see a pot hole. Car not under warranty anymore. Sport Suspension. -
Brake pedal shake when braking and the steering wheel! -
Had the front control arm bushings go out around 80,000 -
Replace lower control arm assemblies in front end -
replaced at 65,000 miles -
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