front coil spring broken on 2001 Ford Taurus

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left front coil spring broke, popped out of the brackets, extended down and ir wedged against tire.

if i can cut the coil and get it out of there, will the car be drivable enough to get to repair shop?

who would do this type of repair and what do you estimate would be the cost.

car is 2001 ford taurus wagon
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Hope you were able to get this to the shop safely. Did you have to replace the coil springs on both sides? How much did they end up charging for the repair?
That is great news! Talk about cutting it close!
Got real lucky on this one. there was a recall for these coils and we squeaked in under the 150,000 mile cut-off limit at 149,801 miles. Got both coils replaced and damaged strut replaced all for free at a ford dealership. Towing was free as well.
Why so long to answer original question??? Almost 4 months???