Front calipers on 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500

I just replaced the front calipers and pads. The left side bled off very nice. The right side is just dripping slowly. How many times do I have to bleed each side, and do I need to bleed all four? The peddle goes to the floor and there is very little brake action. Help!!!!

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May have brake hose that has partially collapsed. Need to bleed till all air is out. I hope you have not bottomed out the pedal when pumping the brakes. Not good to have pedal go all the way to floor when bleeding. If you only worked on front then should not have air in rear system. You can leave the top off master cylinder and make sure is at full mark and open each rear bleeder and watch fluid drip. If "blips" instead of flows freely then has air in it. Let drip till flows good and keep eye on master cylinder level. Can do the same with front. You want to see even flow out of each bleeder.
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standard procedure is to bleed for furthest to closest... most master cylinders are Drivers side., so bleed RR, LR, RF, LF in that order.... and be sure all fittings are tight and not leaking .