Front brakes loked how do i fix it on 1997 Ford Escort

i replaced the calipers rotors and hoses and its still locked what is my next step

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All wheels locked?
No just the front, and it has abs but the light aint on
Brakes release if bleeder screw opened up? If so it's most likely the mast. cyl. Fluid can't retun.
All brakes have fluid coming out the bleeder valve
That's not what i ask! Does opening the bleeder release the brakes so the wheel will spin? You said the brakes were locked!!
yes if I release the bleeder valve it does release the pads
Only thing left is the master cyl is not letting the fluid flow back into the reservoir. IF you replaced both hoses and both calipers.
May need some hands on help from a mechanic.
Good luck with it, let others know what fixes this by posting results later.
yes I have repaced both hoses and calipers, if I unhook the ABS to bypass that could that maybe the problem
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