Front brakes on 1990 Buick Century

On the disc brake calipers are the "sliders' the bolts that go from the back side of the caliper to the front side. Are these what need to be greased when you install new pads?{The bolts that hold the caliper to the rotor, they do slide back and forth}.

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Yes, you want to clean the pins really good then apply a thin film of brake grease. I use a special high temp grease from Motorcraft, it's called "Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and Dielectric Compound". Make sure you also clean the areas on the caliper where the brake pads contact, however you don't want to add grease to these spots.
So i changed my front brakes my self and i didnt grease anything now 4 days later my car filled with from mixture of exhaust adn brake dust smell alone with a mean trail of blue grey smoke like stacks almost would thins be cuz i need to grease the sliders? and it also is grinding when i turn drive its almost like the car pulling me back
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Be sure to clean then good and grease then good to prevent your calipers from seizing this could be a costly repair down the line.
what tool did you use to take the 2 bolts/screws in the back. theres a special tool to loosen the parts in the back in order to change the rotor and the break pads. please let me know asap
Yeah there is a special tool ours was a socket with a metal drill bit almost in the botttom its like 7 bucks adn ya need ta also use a hollow metal pipe so ya can get more leverage