Chevrolet Cavalier Problem Report

Chevrolet Cavalier Front Brake Rotor Wear Can Cause Pulsations

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Front brake rotors can wear causing a pulsation felt in the brake pedal. Our technicians tell us this condition is best corrected by replacement of the front rotors and brake pads.

Has happened 3 times, every time need to replace rotors and pads. They seem to wear out quickly... -
replaced, they wore out again, replaced again...within a few months. afraid will have to keep replacing -
same problem, doesn't matter, what mileage. it's Gm thing. -
Front brake is causing pulsating of break petal. Repair shop says brake sticking caused need to replace both front calipers and pads -
New break pads gone in 2 weeks. Breaks ride, -
bad rotors and pads -
same as above -
Istarted to feel pulsation in the pedal sometimes little and some times really bad, I asked to my mechanic friend and he recomended to replace both rotors and pads which I did and all of that pulsing is now in the past yet i still to replace the rear drums and shoes which I can do nine months or so latter that I knew when I told to my friend how the condition of everything was, I did measure the drums and shoes linings so I have a break before i have to do that. -
I bought my 2002 cavalier brand new. Within the first 2 years my car was jerking when I came to a stop. My breaks went bad. I have had 4 break jobs done in the 9 years that I have had my cavalier. -
replace rotors -
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