Front brake pads rattle over bumps on 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

I purchased my 2007 Explorer Sport Trac about 2 years ago with about 60K miles on it. I noticed that it had a rattle from the front as I would go over speed bumps, railroad crossings, and pot holes. I've experienced this in the past when someone did the brakes and forgot to install the anti-rattle clips on the calipers. I've replaced the clips twice, and also had the brakes professionally repaired and yet I still have the rattle return after about 30 days. I thought the situation was unique to my truck, however I recently witnessed it occurring on another persons Sport Trac as I passed it going down a bumping road. Any ideas?

Check the sway bar links, happens a lot on Fords.
Appreciate your response. I didn't mention that if I apply the brakes as I cross the bumps, that the rattle sounds immediately stop. I meant to add that in my question but wasn't sure how much I could type in there. Also, I have replaced the brake pads and hardware twice which temporarily alleviates the rattle. I'm assuming that it is the fresh coating of the anti-squeal compound causing the pads to stick to the caliper pistons and not rattle. It's been observed that there is movement in the pads within the piece that holds the brake pads in place. I've used genuine Ford anti-rattle clips both times to make sure I'm using the right clips. This just baffles me why I continue to get rattles.
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It sounds like something else is rattling