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Ford Ranger Front Brake May Stick, Bind, or Grab

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The front brakes may stick, bind, or grab. This can happen when the front brake caliper pins become corroded. Cleaning or replacing the caliper pins will be necessary to correct this problem.

Caused caliper to expand and virtually lock up the brake until the rotor was smoking hot. Literally. Also caused auto transmission to heat up and regurgitate fluid until truck would no longer move under power. -
I noticed my pads were wearing unevenly on one side. I found one of the caliper pins was stuck and corroded. I finally got it loose, cleaned it up with a wire wheel, and packed it with grease under the rubber boot. Problem solved, the caliper moved freely again. I did the same thing to the other pins. -
Seems to happen after runs to the dump or large loads in the heat. My 1990 ford ranger, when I brake will go one direction and when I throttle it goes the other. -
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