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2001 Honda Accord Question: Front & Back Motor Mounts

I just came back from Firestone and they said I needed to replace all of my motor mounts, which with parts & labor will run me around $600. I only went in for an oil change, and new brake pads, no engine complaints. Is it routine to have to change motor mounts or are they fishing here? -
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How many miles are on your Honda? And, do you feel any bump when you change gears from park to reverse to drive. This is usually the main complaint from a bad motor mount(s). Well, you did verify the complaint sympton, so yes maybe so. -
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Thanks for replying. I have around 114,000 miles on it. The bump you mention happens sometimes when I shift gears too quickly without pressing down all the way on the brakes. 'Bout time for some replacements? -
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