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Jeep Wrangler Front and Rear Differential Pinion Seal and Transfer Case Leaks

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Leaks at the front and/or rear differential pinion seal and from the transfer case are common. Leakage from the transfer case normally occurs at the case-mating surfaces and require removal of the transfer case to reseal.

im a chrysler technician and own a wrangler myself, this is the bigget problem on the wrangelers up to 2006 the front and rear pinion seals leak. these cars are industructible though nothing can stop the 4.0liter inline 6 -
rear end leaking at pinion. transfercase leaking all over. -
Currently have a small leak in my transfer case. I got an estimate and it looks like it will cost around $500 to fix. -
front and rear seals leak and so does camshaft seal -
I was inspecting the under side of my jeep the other day and noticed it was leaking. I took it to the dealer and they said it wasn't covered by the warranty. So I'm in the process of having it fixed now! -
Differential service, front and rear. Gaskets replaced, pinion seals leaking. I had the problem at roughly 70,000 miles and same issue at 100,000 miles -
rear diff leaks at pinion seal and front shows signs of leaking but no drip yet -
Leaking fluid from transmission -
I have a leak in the transfer case at the case-mating surface. Repairs not completed at this time. -
Leak in front differential- not fixed yet -
Bad leak/compression loss around front passenger tire area -
diagnosed at a dealership, not fixed -
leak in transfer case. -
Both front and rear differentials were leaking and it cost $160 for each ($320) to repair at Scottsdale dealership. -
Front and Rear Differential Pinion Seal and Transfer Case are leaking. Dealer will not fix. -
Told this is the normal with jeeps. Need to take in and have flushed and sealed -
Standard leakage from silicone seal at differential. About $150 to repair at dealership. -
Recently purchased this 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Great vehicle - fun ride. Took it in to a well known 4WD specialty shop for a complete inspection and "once-over." They were very complimentary of the condition of the vehicle overall - everything checked out good. However, they noted a rear pinion seal needed replacement. Quoted $700+ which seemed a bit high but they have a very good reputation in the area so I trust their judgement. Don't mind paying a bit more for good, quality work. -
Front pinion seal been leaking for a while - now at 80,000 mi getting ready to repair. Was going to attempt myself, but due to high torque requirements, may take ot professional. -
Front Differential Pinion Seal Leak, left of center -
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