1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Q&A

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Question: Front air bags

The other day I was driving and I heard a loud pop and the front end dropped to the ground. Just the front dropped and it dropped equaly left and right at the same time does any one have an idea before I tear the whole thing apart schematic and pics or even part discription would be great -
Answer 1
Go to www.alldatadiy.com. It costs $26.95 to get any info you need on your car for a whole year subscription. It's the same info the pro's use. -
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Use a soap water solution and put it in a spray bottle and spray all air suspension components. Where you see bubbles you have a leak. -
Answer 2
It sounds as if one of your air lines has become separated...or more likely, the drier -- which sits up against the air compressor -- has probably come apart. This is not a terribly expensive part, and can be replaced relatively easily. Look for it under the hood. Good luck. -
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