Front AC blows @ 70 degree and the back AC blows @ 40 on 2004 Mercury Monterey

The dealership said I needed to remove and replace the AC hose assembly and AC accumulator. Then they would charge the AC. The cost quoted was $1200. Is this a fair price?

When any repairs are done on the AC system where the system is opened to atmosphere, the accumulator(also called receiver/drier) is replaced. But the hose replacement seems a little high. I find it strange that the rear AC output is 40 degrees while the front is 70 degrees. It seems more likely that you have a blend door or heater valve malfunction at the front AC system. The rear AC is fed by the same components that the front AC system is, so you have to have something else wrong for there to be a temperature difference like what you have. If the system has a heater valve that is stuck open you can have your symptom. Other vehicles had problems with blend doors and their actuators breaking causing the system to not control temperature output correctly. The only way that I can see a hose fixing this, is if the hose held the refrigerant fixed orifice valve and it was plugged causing the lack of refrigerant flow to the front AC unit. It would have to be one large part that is difficult to replace, to justify the $1200 repair cost. You might want to get a second opinion from a shop that specializes in AC repair, they maybe able to save you money or verify the first diagnosis. Good luck.
Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it.
I have the same problem with an apparent blend door stuck. Anybody know how to get to the offending blend door?
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can you provide some guidance on how to get into the front blend valve to fix it? i have the same issue and belive it directly to be the door.