Front ac blower stopped working on 2000 Lincoln Navigator

The front a/c blower stopped working, the rear blows, the a/c blows cold. Just the front blower doesn't work..

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You'll need perform a diagnosis, or have it performed by a shop to determine if the blower motor has failed, or if the system that controls the blower motor has failed.
That doesn't surprise me, electrical issues will do that. That's why many peoples response it to smack something when it stops working! Like the Fonz!
Just curious, does the fan operate at high speed only? Or when it stopped, did it not work at all?
Thankss Bret, here is one for you, It started working again....
Can not tell you, wasn't working again this morning. Yesterday I was sitting at a traffic light and it just kicked in and stayed running the remainder of the trip home (only about 5 miles).