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2005 Nissan Murano Question: From where I can get the drive chain and how much it costs?

From where I can get the drive chain and how much it costs? -
Answer 1
From a bicycle shop! What drive chain, in the transfer case? Timing chain? -
Comment 1
It's like a steel belt which moves the reels as you can see in this picture http://repairpal.com/images/managed/content_images/encyclopedia/CM_Drivetrain/Transfer_Case_12.11.png Because it is broken in my murano 2005 transfer case -
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Dealer can't get it? I wonder why it is broken though? I mean do you see any reason for it to be, as this is kinda unusual. -
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I will tell you what happened with me I was driving with speed 100 k/s and suddenly the car Stopped moving and i felt like the transmission is dead The car is working fine but it's not moving anymore I took it to the carage and the guy there said that the transfer case is broken and you should buy one I shocked becase the car miles counter is only 75000 KM and the transfer case had no problem He said that the chain is broken but still i cannot believe Becase he said that without open it Do you have any idea about this and what is the problem? Thank you very much for your kind replies -
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I thnk i would get another opinion. Hard for anyone to say, without looking, what exactly is wrong! -
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Do you think if i did a computer check it will help in this case? The problem is that the dealers here in Kuwait are not offering all parts In your opinion,what things that cause the transfer case to stop working like this If you just can give me possiblities. Thank you -
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Not without looking, sorry. -
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Thank you man :) -
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U R welcom. -