from last few days my Car's gas peddle sticks when I start my car. Why ? on 2002 Chrysler Sebring

One of the mechanic said that it cost 1000 dollars for repair.

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get a can of seaform from any auto parts and clean throttle body to see if that helps 1st
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When you say sticks, is it hard to push the pedal, and then it releases or is it not coming back to idle when you release the throttle? The first issue is usually coking of the throttle body bore and the throttle plate and a good cleaning is all that is usually required. The second is more mechanical and replacement of the throttle cable, or even a throttle body could be involved. But $1000?? There is more to the story what exactly is he saying is needed? My first thought is the estimate is for more than just the throttle body/sticking gas pedal. You might want to seek another opinion.
Thanks for the reply... Actually it is neither of the two. When I press the pedal , vehicle moves forward after couple of seconds. This happens couple of times during morning but once it moves for 1/4 miles, it runs normal.

I went to T&K and they said that there is a leak in engine and they need to remove everything before finding out the problem. $1000 was the initial estimate. What surprises me is not even drop of leaking I can see in my parking or anywhere. Car has run just 95K. Do you have any suggestion ???
Not at this point, the information isn't as complete as we would need it to be. Can you talk to the shop again and write down the details of what they found and are going after and repost it?
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