frist of all i have a 71 beetle it,s a 12 cyliner,i would like to know why on 1990 Volkswagen Golf

ikeep on going through throttle cables is is my 3d in 4 years!What would be the cause of them breaking?allso what would cause the gear shift to shudder?

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its not a 12cyl but sounds like the cable is routed wrong or something is binding it.who is installing cable? gear shift shutter if stk shift could be a warpped flywheel which means you need to repl cluch assm and resurface flywheel. if its an auto you may have torque converter issue or other internal trans problem
my husband thinks he know,s it all,so i go ahead and let him think it!!!!!!!!!!! Any way we have had not a good time finding someone to do the job right let me tell you,it makes me wonder.some shops when they see a women they right away see dollar bill signs oh boy!proof well we bought a replacement engine we where told bring it back in after so maney miles and he would ajust the heads mine you there was nothing wrong with the last egine it needed new carb then to find out 15,000 cash later what a joke h e l p !!!!!! any way do you know of someone in mountain view that will not rippoff older and somewhat wiser women that really do need the help
are you a member of AAA?
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1200cc. engine? incorrect routing of cable? Nervous gear shifter? Have a good shop drop a 2.0 air-cooled bus engine in it More fun!
first of all I have never seen a 12 cyl beetle
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