freeze plug location on 1994 Chevrolet S10

I have a bad leak coming from the rear of the engine and was wondering if there is a freeze plug between the engine and the gearbox???

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Yes there is 2 I believe. But before you condemn the freeze plugs make sure that is what it is. These engine have been known to leak at the rear of the head gasket. Good Luck to you.
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It could be a possible dirty idle control valve.
I have a 92 that it pouring coolant from that area at the back of the motor, even when the engine is off. Thats probably a freeze plug right?
I would be about 90% that is what your problem is . Its a pain in the A$$ to pull the tranny to get to it.
Good luck with it...sorry for your luck man....
First,and formost,DO NOT USE DEX-COOL!!!! If you do a search on line there are several lawsuits aginst
GM for the damages that this type of coolant causes. I just went through the same issues and repairs.
on my 2001 2.2L chevy S-10
and by the looks of things they are gonna continue.I think I lost the freeze plugs in front of the transmission. So now I'm gonna need to drop my transmission to get to them.I already took 2 weeks on a blown head gasket and every gasket up from there. OH what fun that was.