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99 Commodore Path, Hiram, GA 30141

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Freds Auto Service
October 07, 2011

We've used Fred's twice.

Once was about 3 or 4 years ago when our catalytic converter on our Explorer needed to be replaced. We asked if they could do duel exhaust while they were at it. They agreed, then said it actually wouldn't work but suggested 'turndowns' instead. We agreed and paid $650 for it ALL.

Being relatively please with the service, we used them again about 2 weeks ago when our Explorer was having problems of all kinds. Long story short, we wound up paying them $1350 to make all the necessary repairs. Went to pick it up and as I pulled up, I saw that a pair of needle nose pliers had been left in my truck, just behind the grill. -That was a little unsettling. We removed the pliers, returned them and left.

Fast forward to yesterday, I get pulled over by a Hiram cop and am completely shocked when he informs me that my 'turndowns' are actually ILLEGALLY done and gives me a TICKET! He said that the exhaust pipes have to go past the passengers seat in back, otherwise the car fills with Co2 and can be fatal to all passengers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

I take the ticket and head to Fred's to inform him of what just happened. In my naivete, I assume he'll be equally shocked that it's illegal and offer to either pay the ticket or fix the problem to 'legal' at no cost. Instead, what happened is he turned stone cold and said, "I do what people ask me to do". Then denied knowing it was illegal and said he would be willing to fix them to be legal but we had to PAY for it.

Now,I had no idea what turndowns were, but FRED did...that's why HE suggested them to us. If you're doing this, surely you know whether or not it's illegal; he's not a beginner at this. But let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't know it was illegal. He still had ZERO care for the fact that we just got ticketed for something HE SUGGESTED we have him do to our Explorer.

Remember, we wanted duel exhaust. He couldn't make that happen, and then HE told US about turndowns. It was not the other way around. -Now his response to us is, "I do what people ask me to do." YOU suggested it to us Fred. As though it was completely legal. This was an error on his part. A greedy one. And yet, we'll be paying for it. We'll have to pay the ticket and we'll have to find an HONEST mechanic now to fix the problem.

Let's remember that I've paid him $650 for the turndowns, catalytic converter and a new muffler so the turndowns would work. Then we come back to him a few years later (which was two weeks ago) for more work and pay him $1350. He's now made $2000 off us, has suggested an illegal service to us without informing us it was illegal and is now refusing to make it right at no additional cost to us.

This 'repair' shop (and I use that term lightly) isn't deserving of your business. Consider yourself warned.

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Freds Auto Service
March 11, 2011

Fred's Auto in Hiram, GA is a shady repair shop. We brought our van in to this scam artist last year to have our 60,000 mile service done. They quoted me one price on the phone then gave me another once the job was done. We paid it...not happy. We drove the van home and it was misfiring and surging down the road. We took it back to them and they said that a plug wire was pinched during the first repair. They wanted us to pay to have it replaced. We refused and they reluctantly said they'd fix it. We drove the car home after they fixed it and the owner, Fred Hobbes, called me at work the next day and told me that they did a full tune up on the van and I was supposed to come in and pay the bill. I refused of course. If this isn't enough......a year later, the van starts acting up again and we take it to a real repair shop and they tell us that whomever did the last tune up on the car unplugged some wires and put the wrong type of plugs in it causing a solenoid to short out. This was a $450 repair caused by Fred's. We are taking them to small claims court.

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