FR wheel shakes bad during coasting, then goes away during acceleration. Bjoint? on 1993 Mercury Villager

I took the wheel off and nothing seemed lose. It comes and goes while i drive. Its fine when I drive at slower speeds. Then it shakes bad at 50mph. Shakes the steering wheel. I was going to change out the ball joints and tie-rods because its easy and all bolt on parts. How will i tell if its an axel or ? Ps. last winter i went in the ditch with this van so there could be some wear from that. I have put 6000 highway miles on it in the last 4 months, driving back and forth from Denver to Spokane, WA. I want to drive back up to WA again for Thankgiving but I need to fix this first.

by in Colorado Springs, CO on November 19, 2012
4 answers
ANSWER by on November 19, 2012
Have a repair shop take a look. Hard to tell from here.
ANSWER by on November 20, 2012
possibly suspension is loose
ANSWER by on November 20, 2012
get an insp by your mech it could be several frt suspension parts or worse
ANSWER by on November 20, 2012
Check for bent rim, damaged/out of balance wheel and worn strut. At the speed it vibrates worst at, keep foot into throttle to maintain speed , and lightly press on brake pedal- if that calms the vibration then the strut is likely worn out. Could also be inboard axle joint. BOTH issues can be VERIFIED before replacing parts.

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