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it doesnt seem to have any screws to take it off but looks as if it might pull off if so how and with what tools must be used
CEL is on fuel tank cap light is on. P0455 & P0457 are the OBD2 codes I got when I connected my scanner. You can start the engine it will run for a while then it dies. If you try to start it after it dies it will not ...
Green greasy leak underneath front end.
Running rough and shaking and slugish
It only knocks when appling the brakes and not every time. it is a knocking or thumping noise. we just replaced the rear brake drums 2 weeks ago but its been fine until now.
and the vehicle jerks back and forth at the same time and sounds like it may cut off, then air in front gets cool again and still jerks back and forth. The gas pedal makes cracking and popping sounds as I press the ga...
Have went as far as to replace with a transmission from classy car parts in texas and after going through removal and installation still not moving all seals replaced on new transmission. What all proccess of ellimina...
Do you think it is a fuse, the switch, or a defective control on the transmission?
When i turn on my lights my side mirror signal light stays on. the door is closed and my signal is not on. this happens only when i turn on my lights. what does it mean?
The rear window on the hatch shattered. Any idea how much it will cost to replace it?
blower motor is working fine both front and rear. Just no heat coming out up front.