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I want to know what is that.
What happened is the flap on the air/heating control kept making noise so a mechanic just put a band aid on it and it is only set for the heat. Now that I'm moving to Tennessee, I'm going to need the air conditioning...
themanual says to raise vehicle...don't have a lift
Wiper washer works just fine. Motor has stopped moving the wiper blade. Any suggestions?
Knocking occurs only during turns,has been heard on both sides. Van as in recent accident due to debris in road, much work was done to under carriage.
When I place the van in park, the engine revs up to 4-5. Even when I tap the accelerator, the reving does not come below 1.5. What do I need to replace?
I hear a clicking when moving it left to right. Thinking it has to do with separating door on the heater box? Air conditioning works fine. Blower works fine.
gasket was leaking coolant had it changed but it leaks more now, it is leaking down onto the hole where my spark plug inserts
just started now,even when car is turned of reverse lights stay on
happens more often when its hot outside. this happened with the factory engine and also with the 2yr. rebuilt engine.
is this free?
I was coming home late from an out of town funeral when I stopped at a stop light and when it changed my van hardly got through it. It then would not go. Due to the time I had it towed to my home. It will not move in ...
after doing them lastnight they felt grabby but this morning is when it was smoking
My transmission was replaced with a rebuilt one from the after market warrenty company and installed by the ford dealership 1 month ago.The dealership also installed two sensors(dont know which ones) that the replacem...