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but preasur blows off one of the hoses , is it clogded ?
I need it cleared to pass inspection. Is there any other way to clear besides driving it long miles?
New struts and shocks were installed about six weeks ago
My heat is not working, I would like to use 12 volt defrost/heaters.
My 2003 windstar idles high when it first starts then when i start to drive it chugs when it hits about 40 mph for the first 15 minutes of running after that it runs fine( or so I think). I also have a rattle noise t...
I was moving the van forward and thump sound came on when i tried to go in reverse after that the trany stays in neutral in every gear i change the transmission range sensor but still the same.
The RPM gauge isn't working and it gets in the way of the parking arrow
Every time I drive the van ABS light comes on where can I check to fix problem?
When I start driving the brake indicator lamp comes on and every time its a different speed, sometimes it dosen't come on. I have changed the brake fluid resovior, changed all the brake pads, checked emergency brake s...
Will the van suddenly jerk while driving, Kinda like its missing,It's already been tuned and coils replaced.
Changed the oil and cannot get the light off. What do I look for i have no manual.
It looks like I have my brake pulled up but I don't that the light stays on like it is. The abs light comes on randomly and stays on until vehicle is cut off. Both lights randomly come on until vehicle is cut off.