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How to replace oil panel gasket
Radio panel and clock lights out?
The positive battery cable on my 2002 Ford Windstar is loose. Not the terminal clamp...the cable that goes into the clamp is loose. When I first try to start the car, there is no power but if I jiggle the positive cab...
To whom it may concern, I dont know where to start too many problems now that i payed to replace the headgasket. The vehicle is now idling rough on drive at a stop, sometimes it sounds like its going to shut off, t...
Can you tell me what the problem might be, and I'm wondering how much it will be to fix this problem. Thanks for the help.
I need the high pressure power steering hose replaced on my 2002 Ford Windstar. From what I've seen the hose can be purchased anywhere from $25-$50 & it appears to be easily accessable, so I wouldn't think that they l...
Check engine lights are mandatory for a New York state inspection, Mine has failed, bulb tested good?
Can you show diagram for instrument panel?Have no owners manual to refer