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When I turn on my van...my ac is automatically on and even with heat..I have to manually turn ac off?
when I accelerate while driving, my transmission shifts real hard I was told it could be the speed sensor does anybody know any solutions could it be the speed sensor or am I going to have to replace my transmission.
I own a 2002 Ford Windstar. I need to replace the positive battery cable but I can't because the power cable from the alternator that plugs into the positive battery cable must have broke for the previous owner and h...
p0302. changed coil, plugs and wire so far
this happened to my wife two days ago, happened again tonight, finished our trip fine after restart.
I have changed it all,even the coil, it still sputters. We recently had new valve seals installed.like I'm chasing a ghost,I can feel it but can't find the cause. Some help please
p0135 p01071 p01074
the engin light has been on for over a year and the car runs ok? ?
I've changed plugs/wires, manifold gaskets, egr valve. Codes show massive vacumn leak. Problems really flare up when I run it during a rain storm. I smell fuel standing outside drivers door when I start it up. Is th...
I can't find a 215/70R-15 tire. can I put 215/75R-15 mud tires on back on a 02 ford windstar