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I recently got my brakes and rotors done on 5/18th and now my O/D and engine light is on while I'm driving?
When take off its like it not getting gas through each gear it spit an sputters an lose power an will do it ever gear it goes through I changed spark plug an wires
Sputtering when taking off, smell of gas, higher rpm's when pushing on gas pedal.
While accelerating the van will make a squelling sound and the van loses power. The motor doesn't die but it feels like it disconnects from the transmission. (( I'm not mechanic )) and will grab a gear a moment after ...
1999 Ford Windstar...When the AC is running, the car labors on a grade sometimes. Last night, while the AC was running it started to make a intermittent noise and the whole vehicle locked up. I was in an intersection ...
high pressure hose how long does it take
No fuses are blown. Ground to rear module is good. Wiring at both front and rear ecm looks good. Only light on dash is airbag light. Anti theft light is off.
this did not fix the problem, what else could it be? my e-mail is mintiatlight@yahoo .com or right now
When cranking it makes a loud noise and wont start. Battery is new.
i need to change the ect sensor on my ford windstar 1999
fuel pump relay working, fuel pump working, changed fuel reset switch, changed air mass flow sensor, new battery. sounded like fuel pump cut on a couple times but, it immediately stopped.
not receiving fuel to start up changed fuel pump changed air mass flow sensor changed fuel pump relay changed spark plugs fuel filter clean new battery