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Just bought this vehicle. It has been well cared for but it came with no maintenance history nor even owner's manual. Wondering about maintenance schedule repairs such as timing belt/chain replacement or other issues ...
there are long and short bolts that go in cylinder head on 3.8 need to know where the long one go top or bottom?
working on 3.8 need to know if the long bolts go on the top or bottom
how do i replace the ignition key cylinder
The problem is just getting worse, I'm not a mechanic or a wealthy man so I have not taken it to a shop. If someone could help shed some light on my situation I would appreciate very much.
Bank 01 too lean, Some mechanics said Mass air flow problem, Others said I have four sensors, I purchased 2 new ones, still won't pass. Yesterday car wouldn't crank, black smoke was coming out of mas flow housing. ...
Hello, I had the transmission repaired on my Aunts van. After the repair, the air conditioner stopped working and the van is extremely loud, like the muffler is broken or something. Is the muffler and air condition af...
Is it something to do with the front coil recall?
I drove to the bank, running fine, came out of bank wont start. lights and beepers sound but nothing else went I turn the key. Was towing home in neutral, going 20mph if that, turned key and started right up. ran f...
i need to know how to drain the fuel tank
Bought used well maintained but the bands are slipping and a friend says i need to replace transmission filter and have them adjusted. also, check engine light just came on and at times the engine gently races when in...
wipers work fine if you are not signaling a left turn or using the high beams on headlamps.
how to change water pump?