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Just drove a short difference. Had heater on. Recent weather change. No codes came up.
now I am being told the heater control valve assy is needing replaced
a/c cools on left side, but warm air is coming from right side vents. is the system just alittle low to cause this? also where is the charge valve for the system, i trying not to have to take everything apart to find it.
Both lights were going off and on - now neither work. Is this fuse problem? Car is under warranty for Ignition Coil Assemblies and Engine Valve Cover Gaskets. Could this be related to this warranty condition? Tha...
Past few weeks t-bird has failed to accelerate at all when pressed. After a few seconds all is fine. Has happened about 6 times. Today check engine light came on. I turned car off and back on and it was fine. Thi...
Is there a bleeder valve in coolant system to bleed out air traped in the system since the coolant resovoir is higher than the radaitor.Or could it be a bad cap on the resovoir?
it seems to do it after ive driven it a ways. it never does it right away. It doesnt do it going at higher speeds like above 50. only like 20-30ish. had a thought...i know it has a steering mechanism that tightens...
Dealer tells me my heated seat coils on my 2003 Thunderbird are shorted out. He wants 600.00 to fix them. Is this a job that I could do at home?
after driving the car a while the car goes into limp mode and a wrench light comes on what is the problem
I have no flashers. Period. What causes that.