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i rebuilt the engine i'm not sure if the manule has a type error.
and the shudder, but wont go all the way am moving south in couple days need to have the problem resolved
i could be driving and it will die on me, then in order to keep it on i have to keep my foot on gas pedal, what is wrong ? after a few days it goes away , and starts all over maybe in a week or more
My car has a 4.6L Fuel Injected V-8. What can I do to increase the horsepower and mileage performace? Is there something I can do that is not too costly? ....................Thanks for the Info. .....................
Replaced rear output shaft seal and pan gasket seal and still have a major leak in that same vasinity that Im unable to locate. Any ideas? The u joint went out and was replaced on the rear output shaft and the leak be...