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Now that radiator started to link but also what can I do to fix the idie 176
it slowly started to idle up one day at first thought it was just cause of ac running in 100+ temps within 4 days it idled 3000-4000 rpms especially at stop lights first second then 3rd now 4th when in 5th gear seemed...
Hi. My tempo recently had a wiggly speedometer needle and then a few days later while driving the dial went to zero, stayed at zero and the car was stuck in first gear and wouldn't shift out of first. I looked at all ...
I have power to yello wire /no power to white /black wire/ and no power to green/red wire, and wire to battery is ok
I have purchased a 92 ford tempo. The relay behind the glove box has gotten hot enough to melt connector slightly, the blower motor has been hot wired to battery, and I want to repair heater as it should be. I need t...
replaced starter relay now i'm not sure where wires go on each terminal