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The secound axle popped out at a traffic light and i could not put it in park because the transmission was running. So worried about my trans being damaged. Had it towed there and they put a longer one in.My starter a...
Attempted too start car. Key turned toward start position but starter did nothing. Ingnition lock froze toward the start position. I do not know if the lock is in the run position. Lock does not turn, in any directio...
The car will run great except if I drive it a long distance and then it will simply shut off while driving it and won't restart til the next morning.
i just bought a 1992 ford tempo it did'nt have a solenoid so i put one on it but it has 5 wires and i don't know where they go,please help
The reason for replacing break fluid is because I believe there is a leak in the break line. When applying the breaks , they go all the way to the floor and does not stop right away. What would the estimate be for ...
I'v put four starters on this 1992 Ford Tempo in the last three months. Am I just buying bad starters or is there something bigger wrong?
This car not always sometimes when warmed up sometimes cold it wont shift gears but if i turn the car off put it in neautral and start back it shifts.. The speedometer quit working as well.. I talked to a friend who ...
i have a 5 speed and my car wont move in any gear.
There is a knocking when my car is in gear but idoling. It goes away when i give it gas.
drivers seat belt not working (the shoulder belt that moves as you turn key)
Will turn over but not start. There is a disconnected hose but don't know where it goes.
Hello, I have a check engine light and the engine is of course running a bit rough - where is the computer or where can I check the codes? Thanks
brake lights work but signal don't