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Motor is running I can hear it..but the seat belt is not moving.
Transmission filter was changed, since the replacement, car will only shift into first gear and reverse.
I just put a new fuel pump on and line is clear. Worked fine and then had to replace the starter. After replacing the starter it would not pump fuel again.
Starter operates correctly most of the time. Once in a while all electrical works but no click, no start. 10 minutes later starts right up. what could cause this?
my car stall every time i put it in gear what wrong
the car was idling for about 5 min and then died. i went the next day and replaced the cap and rotor plugs and wires. still nothing. I checked fuel pressure to the rail, no pressure. i popped off the fuel line going i...
when i start the car it will stay running as long as i hold the key i let go of key it dies
I have a 1991 ford tempo with 70,000 miles on it. I woke up one morning and it wouldnt start. I replaced the starter and now it still wont start. It is turning over AND making a clicking noise at the end of every turn...
Hi, we just took over a week to replace a ATX transmission with no computer controls, after all that it doing the same thing it was with the old tranny, wont move in any gear, when u put it in gear the axels are not s...
HI,We just replaced the tranny and had to just about remove the whole engine also, well got it done and know it wont start, we thing it the ground wire need to know where it goes. we mounted on the firewall and engine...
need to remove wheel spindle and replace it
i need step by step on removing transmission
what's the cost of repairing a stuck valve?