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i have a will not start problem for the 2nd time. when I push the start button nothing happens ignition wise. after trying everthing, including the 2 ways to by pass the key fab according to the ownwers manual,with n...
I've had it at the dealership 3 times for the problem, and they cant' figure it out. They call their mechanics " techs ", but now they want me to keep trying and document what happens. The problem seems to occur at ...
it is starting after 3 trials, and after starting there will be problem in the transmission, then I am switching it off then restarting again then the transmission will be ok. also there is Stability Control System i...
I am told we need to replace the master cylinder, shouldn't we have gotten a lot more KMS from the cylinder. We also had to replace the rooters on the brakes
when the heater is turned on warm air does not blow on the passger side of car but does on the driver side
Also blows cold air on passenger side when defrost is on
Just started. I can adjust the temp in the driver side. Even if I switch to the floor only hot the passenger side
I want to change mine for the first time, but I do not know where it is located
For the ford six speed auto transmission, there are two different types of transmission fluid, one more costly than the other. whats the difference? one is very expensive.
I have a 2010 ford Taurus with a manual passenger seat. All passengers complain the seat is too low. How can I raise the passenger seat?
What is the approximate cost of a Cabin Air Filter for my Ford Taurus?
What are the steps to remove a radio/nav from the dashboard
how to reset a change oil light in a dash of a ford taurus 2010.
Vibration at low speeds when turning left or right. Seems to be coming from behind radio and console.