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It dies shortly after its started, and will start up around 30 seconds later. I've change the plugs, o2 sensors, crank shaft postion sensor, and the camshaft position sensor.
My AC works in the morning and if the car sits for off for a time "ICE CUBES" but only for 30-60 min... Even if i don't use the ac and then try later i don't see it working... Everything works like it needs to but whe...
only four of the six coils are firing on the ignition coil for my ford tauras
I changed the ignition coil but it does the same thing.
What can I do too get my car running again. I went brought a starter ignition switch that didnt help neither
Our mecanic said not to worry. But the leak is getting worse and we our now looking at our third starter.
My gasket is leaking causing the burning smell and smoke. And now caused my starter to go 3 times.
Drives good. Just dies sometimes when idling at red light.
Replaced coil pack plugs and fuel filter due to very poor rough take off. This corrected that issue. Now every once in a while when parking it will run rough and die does not do this at lights. Have been experiencing ...
Also the shifter inside has came off how do put correctly together