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hi. I just bought a 2002 Taurus. I think the guy screwed me. I put 500 miles on it. one day I was leaving work. I deliver sandwiches. it was slipping in reverse. got a mile away and it was slipping real bad in drive. ...
When I connect th car battery cables to th battery smoke starts comeing outta of th alternator
when we are driving, it shifts hard at 32 and 50 mph but after 50 it rides great. We have had the fuel pump replaced, and several other parts as the engine light wouldn't go off and after 1500 dollars, still shifts h...
I think it has something to do with the alarm because when I turn on the alarm all the interior and exterior lights go on. They stay on till I turn the ignition on.
Just replaced a split drive belt that wasn't very old. Noticed the same hesitation issue before I changed the belt. I hear a slight rattle from the belt side of pulleys too.
are these issues related & how do I fix? Speedometer works when transaxle light is on, doesn't work when it is off
The oil is changed regularly but the oil light comes on very often. It may be on right now and go off 30 minutes. later only to come back on. The check engine light also does the same except it is on today and maybe o...
It seems like the warm/cool knob isn't working. You turn it and nothing happens just keeps blowing cold air. It did blow warm when I left from work
Then turn left or right turn signal On and dash, tag, and all lights blink?) with no led bulbs in everythings right..