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I just want a new battery replacement for my Ford Taurus. I would like to have an estimate for new battery installed. My Ford does not require any more other than the usual standard requirements needed for a 2000 Ford...
When the headlight switch is turned to the automatic position, only the running lights come on when it gets dark.
I need to fix the smog pump on my car can you guide me to the part and it is install
Were there any head gasket recalls for 2000 Ford Taurus?
When i turn the a/c on air only come out on the defrost side
Box my number 33 fuse i blown dont know what it means but can someone please tell me why it jerks
but when i turn headlights on they go out why?
I recently had a timing gasket cover replaced, along with coolant and oil changes. Two months later, my car is sometimes sluggish to start, has an occasional burning smell while driving (but no smoke and engine does ...