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Several months ago I drove somewhere and didn't drive my car for a week on the way home, all of a sudden the vehicle started having a very slight acceleration problem then after I got home the fuel pump went out, we r...
car had been running fine. Went to town earlier no problems. Went out a couple hours later to return to town and was backing out of drive. backed up a couple feet and then just stopped moving. No reverse or forward.
It makes a loud noise, it comes from the back side of the car, left hand side. Its everytime I go over a bump. It sounds like if I had something heavy in the trunk.
Replaced cv axle after putting it back together the motor revs and it did not engage when put in gear.
I dropped pan and there is no shavings in transmission fluid or pan
was told have to take to a ford dealership for them to hook up to computer and enter code. what does this cost?
My Oil Light comes on when I brake or when in slow stop and go traffic. It goes off when I accelerate at speeds above 30mph. I have taken car to Ford Service several times, however, they cannot diagnose the problem ...
as wheels turn the noise continues. Could this be a ball joint problem?
is a duratec 24 v v6 in a 2000 taurus wagon. am original owner.much spent maintaining.pcm just replaced..it died. now engine runs incredible but rpm at 75 seems waaay to high.i am seriously worried
While I'm driving that check transaxle light blinks on and off sometimes I can't go pass 20 mph and it make a roaring type of noise