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The fuel filter has been changed, gas gauge doesn't work, had very little power when driving up hill, high idle. The car will turn over but will not start.
the rpms go all the way down thats when it turns off and wont stay on and now i am getting a smell coming from under the drivers side door.dont know what it is?
When I crank up the first time of the day it idles to about 3000 RPMs and then eventually goes down. Then when I put it in Drive and press the gas to go. It seems to work fine but doesn't want to shift out of 1st gear...
I have to re-place my heater core and I want to know if theres a difference in the blend door actuator. And how do I know which one I need. I have a 200 ford taurus, 3.0 ltr, U series engine
have replaced plugs and wires, dpfe, coil pack, injector.. each time mis had gotten better, now runs just as rough as before also running very rich.. running average 10mpg. constant flash of check engine light...
I have looked on both side of the fuel rails ? and behind the engan and cant find it.
my car wont up shift and keeps blowing the fuse #28 in the power distribution box
how many amps is for the lighter.
Have Haynes Manual; about to take a stab at repair; do duplicate codes mean more than 1 problem in the system?
I have recently noticed a shaking and vibrating coming from my car. It only does it when its moving, not while ideling, leading me to believe its something in the steering or wheels. Any advice or suggestions to avoid...
wont stay started
i was driving the car got hot and i guess the belt just came off
after dirving and car is warm I stopped. Wouldnt start.tried to jump, nothing. next day it started right up. day after that it started right up and on my way to work I stopped for an errand then it wouldnt restart. 3 ...