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Low coolant light wont go off.coolant tank full with antifreeze.what are the possible cause of low coolant light to be on.

The. Car steering would hardly move and the car accelerated.that the fuel pump?

My air conditioning doesn't work at all. What is wrong with my car?

The a/c system was ice cold all summer. Then one extremely hot day while using the a/c, made a stop and left the motor idling and a/c on. The a/c air became hot. Looked under the hood and noticed that the clutch on the a/c pulley was slipping and not fully engaging. Will feel cool air if the a/c clutch engages for four seconds or more. Checked the a/c with an a/c manifold gauge set. A/c system has pressure.

We checked the trannie oil and didn't smell burned or was no shavings either. It just stopped moving all of a sudden when I was driving it

You don't even hear the normal clicking sound when i is switched from defrost to anything else

No lights,locks,radio. The first time it happened I noticed the clock was off by 8+hours. Now there's no power and the theft light is flashing continually. The battery is 6 months old and the terminals are clean and connection tight. My phone charger is the only thing that works.
Please help,

Several months ago I drove somewhere and didn't drive my car for a week on the way home, all of a sudden the vehicle started having a very slight acceleration problem then after I got home the fuel pump went out, we replace the fuel pump and filter, and the air filter, and now the car dies on idle if you don't raise the rpms, it barely accelerates when given gas no matter how far the rpms are raised unless you frequently give it gas and let off, and the problem starts to lessen the longer it's driven and the higher the speed you drive it, when in park or stopped the car shakes and the automatics shifting seems to sometimes only happen if you've it alot of rpms and let off quickly and give it more gas again