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Window slow to rise and want to give whole apparatus a maintenance overall. This is in referace to left front. Have door panal off and parts removed. What ensures acceptable operation after reassembly.
motor light flashes but would turn off when car is warmed up now just stays on. Have to keep car revved up pretty good or it dies on me. What could the cause be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cost to replace a heater core. The original heater core was full of gunk.
The heater blows only cold air. Can this be caused by an inefficient water pump and/or thermostat frozen in the open position?
i have new wheel bearings, ball joints sway bar links. my tire is wearing partialy on the outer edge
it's an automatic and its been running just fine. Any advice?
starts up but won't go in gear.It's been running fine had no probems. Any advice would be great help, thanks.
Tarusus 2000 for tarusus
if it sits for awhile it will usually start again.wen it wont start all you here is a relay click.nothing else
When the trasmission stopped shifting out of 1st gear the speedometer stopped working at the same time. The tachometer still works. Reverse and park still work also. 1st gear works well I just can't get anywhere ve...
I just got my AC line replaced, and they charged the AC. I now have AC, but now the air only comes from the floor and de-frost! There is no air, or HEAT coming from the middle vents(the ones pointing to face or chest)...
Were there any recalls for bad cylinder head castings?
Were there any head gasket recalls for 2000 Ford Taurus?
and would it being clogged make it leak in the floor of the car