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Ok. So i purchase my Taurus last year and now i'm starting to kind of regret it. The car needs major work like: blown head gasket, new axeles, new brakes/ rotors, and the gas and temp. sensor inside the car need to be...
My horn and cruise control stopped working the other day. i have checked fuses and cannot find any blown. Any ideas? Also, the door lock remote has stopped working. I replaced the battery in the remote, butthe loc...
when making a sharp left turn, you hear a loud metel on metel sound from the right tire.
there is a vibration in the front left side of the car and the transmission started leaking oil could it be the bearing that the half shaft goes into
Im having a hard time putting the oil pan back in. Is there a easy way to get it back in?
howtoadjust head hight
i had my front brake pads changed one month ago and they have started grinding again. the passenger side is all brand new, pads rotor and caliper, but the drivers side just needed pads. any ideas
When I apply brake the oil light comes on
When driving car doesn't want to change gears at the approrpiate times. what can I do for this?
I have a dent the size of a gallon milk jug and small white scrathes on my vechicle driver's side rear. About how much should the repair amount to?
I left a light on in my car and the battery went dead and had to recharge, why won't the electric windows operate since then?
When i turn on the heat no matter what setting it will blow hot air for about a minute and then turn to cool. I can turn the heater off for a while and then back on and it repeats the process. Any help would be great.
My heating and a/c are not working right.The heater will blow out warm air as long as I'm driving then it stops blowing warm when I stop my car but if I turn the heater off for a few minutes then turn it back on it we...
I have had my 2000 taurus for 3 years and I now have a proble with NO HEAT! I have had the hoses flushed, replaced the thermostate, flushed the heatercore, had the door behind the firewALL worked on and still no heat!...
I took my vehicle to Meineke because the serpentine belt needed to be replaced. Now they are saying there is a problem with the vacuum line, charging me 90 bucks for a diagnostic alone, and then estimating it will be ...