my emission light came on and I tried what the manual says about a loose gas cap and bad gas,neither solved the problem any suggestions,only have 41000 on car and its in excellent condition and runs great,been on now for 3 days

i have a code 14 on my air bag sensor. where is this sensor located

When I turn on the A/C in my car, during the day, it doesn't keep the car cool continuously. A/C turns off and on throughout the time driving but it doesn't stay cool. At night it stays cool for a longer period of time, but basically still doesn't STAY cool.

cost of DPFE switch

when i am driving it and it is hot out it shuts down i have had a tune up new wires, new sensor pressure valve ( the emission system sign comes on when this happens) and i still dont know what the problem is..after it sets it is fine but it i run it in hot weather i cant start and stop it or sit idling in traffic or it will not restart until it sets

My Rpm and Speed Odomotor, and Signal lights Lost Power First. Then After shutting it off It wont turn back on. The engine will turn but wont Start. Is it because of the battery, the red light is on.

were is the cabin filter located at?

The car has a vibration makes a rumbling noise as the car goes faster. I believe the noise is coming from the front left drive shaft. Any ideas if that is the problem. A while back I had the front struts replaced. The noise and vibration started after that.

Car over heated - just once. cam gear synchronizer chirping.

This car has started to make loud screech noise when starting. When it does this it does not start, so I turn the key off and try again, then it will start right up without the noise. What part should I get checked? Its real low mileage under 80,000.

How much will it cost to repair an air conditioner leak

sometimes works sometimeshows full tank, what could be the problem

I had problems with my driver window (doesn't go up or down). I checked the motor, the switch, grpound wires, the wires from the body to the door -- all fine , no problem
I replaced the relay as last solution, but still not working. The problem is I am not getting voltage reading into the motor plug, when dirver window switch pressed down. I took it to the dealer to diagnose, and they said I need to change the GEM module ( cost is very high for old car)-- Can I buy the part and change it my self? the dealer told me that it is located under the fuse box and I can't do it my self because he needs to down load and up load sfotware, is there a tool to do that?... Thank you

my car shakes as if the wheel is about to fall off at low speeds. What could cause this problem?