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I had the speed sensor replaced and it's doing the same thing a couple of days later.
My car will start perfectly fine, it will go into reverse and (N) but when I put it in drive, it automatically stalls. What could it be?
Brake pedal the noise stops but if I release the brake the noise comes back. While on uneven pavement my car made same noise but not as loud and also while going over bumps. No rub marks on fender well or tires. Th...
Please explain an easy way if possible on how to replace this hose. I purchased the replacement part and want to install it on my own. Thanks. :)
The little fluid hose that goes from the windshield fluid reservoir tank to the window sprayer is broke and I don't know how to replace it or find another one. What is this part called?
My ac will shut down completely when I push almost any other ac related button.was on my way home,ac was working,I pushed the temp to make air cooler and ac shuts off. I tried several times,same result every time I tr...
Battery is good starter is good, can not reset the button in the back of the wagon on right side? replaced the ignition module just in case. Had it check with one of those electrical tester. Tried to rest the brain by...
I had the fluid and filter changed but still shifts hard from first to second. should I replace and what should it cost?