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This starting problem is intermiten but is getting worse.When trouble shooting I found the egr pressure sensor melted replaced it and the hose and everything else. What could be causing this? Also it had two codes po4...
Car has apx. 200,000 miles. Noise sounds like bad pulley bearings &/or bad alternator. The crank shaft pulley seems to be wobbling a little too much. Was wondering if its a bad crank shaft pulley, could I safely drive...
my brake pedal went to the floor but I was still able to stop the car. yesterday I noticed my headlights won't turn on. checked the fuses, there was no problems there. Now what do I do? I have new brakes and rotors, ...
1998 Taurus. Battery went dead. Can't turn key in either driver or passenger door lock. Trunk lock (no electrical connection) works fine. Can't get into car or open hood to charge battery.
im asking for my dad the seal has been leaking for a while he wants to know what he has to pull to replace the seal
i have a 1998 ford tarrus. the brack lites arnt working at all. i checked all the fuses and thay are good. what could it be?