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We bought this car new in 1996 and have taken great care of it. The heater has never put out good warm air. What could be the problem?
I was driving my car & my oil light went on in my car, I drove it for a few minutes, then it started making a ticking/knocking noise, and it started slowing down. So, then I stopped and put 2 & 1/2 quarts of oil in it...
When I press down hard on the gas pedal while traveling the car loses power. It will only go and increase speed if the gas pedal is pressed softly
once transmission heats up it begins not to change to second gear unless I take my foot off the gas pedal first? I puzzled!
I have a leak in my break line and have to get it fixed asap
After my car runs for an hr. or 2 after I stop and go into the store when I come back out it starts but idles very ruff and wants to stall. It also stalls when I am going slow abot 10-15 mph when I take a turn. It s...
My car has a very rough idle in drive but is just fine in neutral, it idles around 500 rpm but when it is in neutral it is 750 rpm. New spark plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, cleaned throttle body and replaced ...
every morning when it start quits as it warm up
I tuned my ford Taurus SHO got ready to start the car. The car started and shift out park and nothing happen. The car would not go into neutral, drive, or reverse. It just sits their idle. Is this a cable problem or I...
What should it cost to get a harmonic balancer replaced?
on my right passenger tire side after i drive for about 10 to 20 mins . i smell something burning i don't know if its rubber or plastic or what but it stinks and i hear a ticking sound when i turn car off. when i loo...
car will not go into reverse but will go in drive
my boy tried to steal prob jammed something in ignition barrel but everything good key starts but kill switch somehow activated how to fix this prob myself please