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want to charge my AC with DIY canister--can not locate where the valve(s) are in the engine. It's a 1995 Ford Taures
After sitting for a while the next day it will start and run all day until I cut it off then it gives me trouble.
It drives fine but while waiting at the red light it dies out and temperature gauge goes up.
76k miles, auto, just bought the car, the engine stumble occurs under light load or no throttle at speeds of 30mph on up. No "Check Engine Light", no back fire, just feel this "miss" while driving. Here is a list of t...
I have read a few articles/forums about this issue, with now definite answers, just suggestions. While driving my engine will just shut off. It's as if I turned it off, but without turning the key. Radio and everythin...
Usually happens when the car has been driven for a while. It has a new fuel pump (Second time put one in. The last one was bad.), New Distributor coil was recently put in along with the ignition system (Not where the ...
the car wasn't starting, you had to take the shifter up and down it wasn't lining up and would roll when in park. fixed that too and still won't start. Any suggestions?
This 4 then 2 flashes occurs constantly while engine is running. What code is this? The center cowl sensor or?
Where is the shift silinoid located and a image of it
Does the estimate for replacement of both front struts for a 1995 Taurus increase if the Taurus is a 3.4L SHO model?
all the other windows work any suggestions