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drove to store, car ran great. when I returned my car would not start. starter turned over motor but fuel pump was not cycling at all. I need a schematic for fuel system as well as loation of fuel pump relay, fuses an...
I had to remove the fuse. is there a shorted switch in the ignition causing this?
I have to let my Taurus run for a few minutes and the RPM's go below 1 before driving. If I don't the car skips sometimes.
When first started it acts like a carburated motor that needs choked, wants to die but doesn't,as it warms up it idles a little better, then driving on highway it skips like its going to stall but but not all the time...
I need a DPFE sensor and pigtail and a EGR System Transducer
but it quit at the same time it seems like the tranny aint shifting into the last gear when u get up to highway speeds u cant get it to kick down when to step on it hard
there is a buzzing sound under the hood when the key is in ignition and turned forward. It cranks but engine wont turn over. We already replaced the ignition module it helped a couple of times but doing the same thing.
All leaks have ben repaired for some time. Cat smokes when engine gets hot with no check engine codes. I have replaced all lines and gaskets. I purchased the car used with 125k miles. I just dont want to go buy a cat ...
be driving down the road and it just cuts off!
When I am cruising down the highway and let my foot off the gas pedal, the transmission downshifts all the way down to what seems the first gear. Very annoying. If I press back on the gas pedal it will get back into...