noise most evident when idling.

I have bought 5 alternator's and a new battery and checked fuses and still yet the alternator does not work. Been broke down twiced along side of road and I am getting very angry about this truck. This has been going on for 3 months now.

Just wondering if I could take the compressor loose and sit it off to the side so I can remove the alternator. 2009 Ford Ranger 2.3L

cylinder cracked

Regardless of where the knob is, alli get is hot air. The A/C won't turn on either. Would that be the climate control module? Is there something I can look at myself to try to diagnose the issue?

does not do it all the time if i step on gas hard truck takes off and runes ok. Check engine light flashed on off for 1 to 2 min one time. have not had checked for any codes yet

I have been told that improper torque of the wheel lug nuts can warp the rotor. What is the proper torque?