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2.5l 4cly ranger just started 3 days ago, no power steering and either real hard brake pedal or no brakes at all. 5 days ago started acting like idle was to low, runs rough idle and rough acceleration. Got any ideas? ...
My truck wont start and the anti theft light flashes rapidly when im cranking it.a locksmith came out and made new keys and reprogramed them but the same thing happened ,the theft light flashes rapidly.
installed new crank censor,but still does the same thing
for the past few months it has been difficult to get the truck to start unless the gear is in the proper location with the gear shifter,,,,,,now, it will not even start while it is in neutral, any suggestions?
my truck is running allright but i do hear a sound when i first start it up,like something is leaking air but it goes away within 2-3 minutes
where do i put the gear oil in in the rear of my truck
I hear clicking noise under the dash but window still not working