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4.o motor is a junkyard unit w/t 135K. Will starter swap as well? 98 Ranger has auto trans/ 2 wheel drive
it happens all the time never idles down. i installed the same size motor out of a 96 explorer.
Vehicle bogs out under cruise (at times), let off throttle and accelerate again still does it and eventually regains power. It has the 2.5 liter with a 5spd m/t. I've replaced both fuel and air filters and no change a...
its a 4cul dual plugs there is a ticking ound coming from the second cyl
looks like leaking from sides or back of engine from spots on ground where else could it be comeing from? how many seals/gaskets are there?
will the 4.0L bolt up to the 3.0L 5 speed manual transmission?
I have changed the whole EGR System and nothing has helped any ideas.
when you put water into the radiator it goes straight into oil pan. all gaskets have been changed and heads cleaned
I found mine outside the transmission on the left.It a 4x4 automatic
I have a 98 Ford Ranger, 5 speed MT. When first started, the engine runs fine, but after the engine heats up a bit, it will peg out. This is really noticeable when at a stop light with the clutch depressed. It will...
what is the size of the bolts connecting the drive shaft to the rear axle
For 1998 Ford Ranger, I see an estimate for replacing the clutch, but how about for replacing a manual transmission? How much does that cost?